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About us


As it is indicated in the brand name, FILTRASCALE is a union of professional filtration and water treatment. Founded by water filter and engineering experts, and supported by international leading companies in automatic self-cleaning filter, FILTRASCALE is a professional Automatic Filters and Eletro-Coagulation Systems supplier. 

As an automatic filtration and  eletro-coagulation expert, FILTRASCALE provides flexible solutions to meet the growing clean water demands for industrial,municipal, and irrigational purposes. 

Our experienced manufacturing and marketing teams understand the end user, that’s why we can offer clean water solutions to suit individual project requirements and budgets.  


Main Product Range

FILTRASCALE Supplies self-cleaning screen filters,automatic plastic disc filters,sand filters,self-backflushing drum filters,and electro-coagulation systems.

Automatic Screen Filters: hydraulic suction cleaning filters (such as CAF200,CAF800 ),electric suction cleaning filters (CAF900 and CAF9800series) and automatic self cleaning brushes filters(CAF700.CAF7500).

Automatic Plastic Disc Filter Systems: 2", 3" and 4" units and systems are available. 

Sand Filters: F660 series filter tank and systems.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment System: Electrochemical Scale Treatment (EST) System, a patented system which prevents scaling, prevents bio fouling, microorganism growth, inhibits corrosion, produces oxidants in the water and prevents the spread of airborne bacteria.


Electrocoagulation sytems(EC): an innovative waste water treatment technology.

As a responsible enterprise, we also provide full range spare parts for the filters and water treatment systems we sell.

Associated Products
FILTRASCALE is a comprehensive enterprise in water treatment and engineering.
Except water treatment products , we also manufacture and sell spare part.
Here below are the related spare part we supply:
Drain Valves 
Two position three way Valves 

Control system 

Solenoid Valves 

Pressure gauge