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    Technical Data

    Filter unit: 3”                 
    Max flow rate: 30M3/h per one unit

    Working pressure: 0.3-1Mpa(4.35psi-15psi)

    Pressure loss(bar): 0.08-0.8bar (1.2psi-12psi)

    Back wash pressure(bar): ≧2.8bar (75psi)

    Max working temperature(℃): 70℃ (158℉)

    Accuracy(um): 20um,55um,70um ,100um,130um,200um,400um                           

    Material: reinforced nylon, PP        
    Backwashing time: 10-20seconds

    Backwash flow rate: 8.11m3/h×2          

    3" Disc Filter

    Product Description

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    Reference table of flow rate per unit


    The advantage of disc filter

    1.Super-speed and back washing

    2. Stable filtration efficiency with different precision(20um、40um、55um、100um,130um、200um、400um

    3. Technical characteristics of accurate filtering and continuous filtration

    4. easy operation and assembling, low cost of maintenance


    Good quality:Urban tap water, well water that pump from the aquifar, turbidity is less than 3 degrees

    General quality: Circulating cooling water, surface water that with effective precipitation processed , Generally well water, drainage after effective precipitation and complete biological treatment, TSS is less than 30 mg/L

    Poor qualiy:  Underground water with poor quality,better quality surface water.TSS is less than 75mg/L

    Very poorl quality:  Well water or surface water with very bad quality,drainage without precipitation or biological treatment.In order to ensure the well working. The water need pretreatment.



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