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    20190829134126589.png@!w800Cooling tower electrochemical scale water treatment system

     Addressing Cooling Towers Problems

    Four factors cause concern for engineer and plant management:Corrosion,Scale, Bio-fouling and Algae.
    Major problems including: Health hazards, Increased electricity and water consumption, Reduction in
    cooling efficiency, Reduced equipment life expectancy
    Until now,the common method of treatment for these problems entailed the use of chemicals which are
    expensive ,environmentally unfriendly and do not guarantee results
    Electrochemical Process Using a unique electrochemical process, the E.S.T system actively, efficiently
    and cost effectively deals with the problems associated with cooling water systems reducing using harmful chemicals.

    EST Electrochemical scale water treatment system

    Product Description

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    CWES-EST uses electrochemical principle to create an anode oxidation reaction environment and a cathode reduction reaction environment in the electrolytic reaction chamber, allowing scale to precipitate on the cathode surface, and adopts an intelligent cleaning system to remove scale on the cathode surface; Free chlorine, ozone and other fungicides kill microorganisms, prevent microbial contamination including Legionella, and inhibit corrosion.


    Selection of reference

    Model CWES-25 CWES-50 CWES-100C CWES-150 CWES-100
    circulating water adjust capacity(T/h) 800 1600 3500 5000 6500
    water treatment capacity(T/h) 25 50 100 150 200
    Descaling and scale inhibition rate 75%
    Sterilization rate >75%
    Algae removal rate >=75%
    Power 220v-50Hz Ac
    Descaling way Electric scraper/Pneumatic scraper
    backwash time 1-3minute
    backwash cycle 8-24hour
    backwash way PLC control, backwash liquor ,
    pressure loss(Mpa) 0.01-0.05
    working pressure(Mpa) 0.2-0.5

    The central cooling water system
    Refrigeration unit circulating water system
    The central air conditioning cooling water system
    All kinds of heat exchange system

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